The older I get, the more it becomes apparent, that the honest pursuit of art and the overall goal for every artist should be to inspire others and to work towards the betterment of all humankind and life on earth.










photography collabs.


Born and raised in Indio, CA., Adam Enrique Rodriguez, 27, is quickly becoming one of California's most prominent emerging artists. Known for his bold, expressive, graphic paintings of faces and human figures, he incorporates classical techniques combined with a colorful abstract quality, in an ongoing conversation of personal identity. 
In high school his work was featured in Palm Springs Art Museum, winning a scholarship to attend Laguna College of Art and Design. He later sold his first painting, "Interpreting Light", to the daughter-in-law of mega collectors Eli and Edythe Broad, at age 18. After leaving Laguna, he became inspired by handling paintings by Picasso, Pollock, and Monet while working as a gallery assistant at HeatherJames Fine Art in Palm Desert. In 2013, Rodriguez's work was published as album artwork for grammy nominated musician Anderson Paak.  

Adam currently lives and works in his hometown of Indio. Last year alone, he painted 13 murals at music and arts festivals across California, such as Desert Trip, Joshua Tree Music Festival, and Lightning in a Bottle Festival. Since 2016, his work has been represented by the highly acclaimed Church Boutique in Hollywood, CA. Adam's recent work centralizes around the fundamental aspects of the human condition, as he describes, "a portrait of our humanity contrived from the pursuit of personal expression". The belief that art is a tool for change has led to features by charitable and community activist organizations such as TOMS shoe company, PBS, and the social justice pop exhibitions, "Into Action" and “We Rise”. 

Transitioning from the world of street art and graffiti culture, to contemporary white wall galleries,  Rodriguez's unique style continues to delve deeper into the thought-provoking interpretation of mankind, psychology, and the endearing human spirit.